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What is Bit Torrent (Bittorrent)?

Bit torrent (also written as bittorrent) is the new and exciting file sharing technology--and it works! Bit torrent is an innovative and powerful way to share files over the net and it is taking the public by storm. For more information on how the bit torrent technology works, please visit the official bit torrent site.

Download from Bit Torrent Sites / Bittorrent Sites:

Download Torrents - the absolute best place to find the files you want!

- FileSharing/Flash - Music, Movies and Software download site

- TvOrg - TV Shows and movies download site

Once you've downloaded bit torrent / bittorrent and you're ready to share files (like movies, software, etc.), you might be wondering where to go. There are a number of bit torrent sites that provide torrent files for download on the web. Before beginning any downloads (bittorrent movies and software in particular) please make sure you have reviewed all relevant copyright information. Bit torrent is a powerful tool that can be used in many ways--make sure you use it legally!

Below I have composed a list of some bit torrent / bittorrent sites that have been submitted by the public. I am in no way responsible for the content on any of the bit torrent sites listed and users should use caution when viewing external links.


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